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شركة نجوم الجزيرة للسيارات المستعملة Nejoum Aljazeera Used Cars L.L.C. تجارة السيارات , شحن سريع , ارخص الاسعار

Company Policy

1) All prospective bidders are required to register prior to attending auction. In order to register we require a valid UAE driver’s license or passport (sometimes both) & a $200 registration fee that we pay to the auction.
2) A security deposit of 10,000 AED ($2,500) whether in check or cash is required & it will be returned to the customer upon purchase of first vehicle above that amount.
3) Within two business days you will be given your very own username & password to access auctions and bid at the comfort of your office or home.
4) If you would like to purchase a car from various different auctions, but do not want to pay the auction registration fee, then all you have to do is step 2 and we will gladly purchase the car for you.
1) Any purchases must be paid in full whether by wire transfer directly to the auction account, or at our offices. Complete car amount must be paid, & upon arrival towing, shipping, clearance, customs, & commission to be paid in full.
2) If bidder wishes to send wire transfer directly to their accounts then buyer# & lot# / stock# must be mentioned in wire transfer.
3) Checks are accepted but will not be credited to customer account until the check actually clears.
4) Direct bank deposit into our company account.
1) All bidders are responsible for their accounts. All bidders are responsible to pay all outstanding fees on their accounts such as auction renewal fees, storages fees, relist fees, etc.
2) Upon arrival of customer vehicle, customer is responsible to pay all balance remaining & to tow vehicle from yard within 3 business days. If vehicle is not towed within this time frame, 50 AED charge storage will be applied henceforth.
3) In the event that a vehicle is purchased by bidder through the auction, company does not guarantee vehicles engine, gear, or frame. Bidder cannot make any claims towards the company in this matter, & no money will be returned.
4) In the unlikely event that a vehicle is damaged in loading, unloading, or shipping then after proper inspection customer will be compensated for damages incurred at the company’s discretion.
5) If a customer purchases a vehicle directly from the company and decides to return it, down payment (deposit) will not be refunded under any circumstances.
6) No claim in any shape or form will be allowed after vehicle leaves the premises.