In order to help better serve our customers we also provide retail/wholesale service to our customers. Whether your car is in the emirates or still in transit to UAE we can advertise your car and facilitate its sale for you. Our yard can hold up to 200 vehicles on any day ranging from damaged, repaired, or clean vehicles. All you have to do is contact one of our sales team members about the car you would like to display in our yard with the final selling price and we will sell it for you. Don’t want to bring your vehicle to us, no problem, just send us the pictures along with your contact info, car details, & we will connect you to our vast client list around the world through our website, and other social media outlets. If your vehicle still hasn’t arrived, no problem, just send us the pictures of the vehicle along with its details and we will advertise it for you through our website. With many followers on Instagram, twitter, & Facebook your car is bound to sell. For all cars sold under 20,000 AED a fee of 500 AED is paid to our company, & for all cars sold above 20,000 AED a fee of 1,000 AED is paid. For more info, questions, or comments please feel free to ask any of our helpful staff.